Complete hOUSE OF aSTROLOGY and Vastu sOLUTIONS.

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Your horoscope can bring forth stunning revelations about you and your future! We, thus, carefully analyse your personal horoscope to help you find out all about your life. Through this unique report you will get to know about the good and bad time frames in the future, and you can plan the important moves in your life, accordingly.Want to know what career options are suitable & the favorable periods for you? By analyzing the fourth & tenth houses of your horoscope chart, our career horoscope indicates your suitable options of education, occupation, profession, commerce along with your personality details, income, property etc.



About Bhabagrahi Pradhan.(Astrologer)

Bhabgrahi pradhan is a  Highly qualified person.  Bhabagrahi Pradhan is a renowned astrologer with modern approach to astrology.He completed his Diploma in engineering in 1995. Then he he worked for various multinational  company . Then he completed his B.Sc. IT, and MBA.   Then he start research on ASTROLOGY and VASTU........ Then he came to know that there is something true in astrology. But few astrologer are taking the benefits of the person who are suffering by the effect of Nine planets and Vastu. ..... Then Er.Bhabagrahi Pradhan( Astrologer) decided to serve the people.... He has committed to serve for the people without too much expensive...... 

His program was running in various  TV Channels ..